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Shipping & Delivery

About shipping

Please note that official working days are on timestock from Saturday to Thursday. Fridays, holidays and public holidays are a holiday for all site staff and shipping companies.

– Our first mission is to provide you with the best online shopping experience, so we have facilitated the process of shipping and delivery because your comfort is our priority. By providing multiple options for shipping products.

– When will I get the request? We will deliver your order within 8 to 25 business days after: – The receipt of the amount is confirmed if payment is made in the event of payment by a range, visa, mastercard, paypal or payment link – after confirming the completion of the bank transfer in the event of a bank transfer selection, please note that the transfer from one bank to another bank takes an additional working day until the bank transfer arrives – after confirming the request by clicking on the link in the text message (or by telephone).

– The email is equipped with your shipment tracking number, which you can enter through the shipping company’s website to follow the status of the shipment directly. If you don’t find an email number to track your shipment, just send an email to support the technician

– If the shipment is not received by the customer or the customer refuses to receive the shipment from the shipping company and the customer wants to cancel the order and return the amount, this will result in a discount on the value of the shipping fee in addition to deducting the value of the packaging if the order contains packaging of the products.

– The duration of the commitment of shipping companies to deliver the order is from a maximum of 5 days to 7 days if there is any delay in delivering the shipment to the customer, the customer has the right to file a complaint with the shipping company

Feel free to take a photo of your request and send it to us via email, Instagram or one of our various social media pages.

Payment and shipping in the world

  • Delivery time outside Saudi Arabia takes 10 to 25 days from the date the order is sent to the shipping company.
  • The cost and pricing of shipments outside Saudi Arabia is determined based on the weight, dimensions and length of the shipment and the final price is determined by completing the order.
  • The payment methods available are: Visa -MasterCard paypal.
  • Liquids cannot be shipped outside Saudi Arabia (e.g. liquid perfumes) and substances containing compressed liquids. All TimeStock products are free of any chemicals.
  • For replacement and recovery laws