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Terms & Conditions

Conditions and provisions

Welcome to TimeStock by entering our website you have agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned. Please review them carefully before making any purchase. By using this site you are bound by these terms and conditions.  In order to make a purchase on timestock, you must create an account so that your order is processed efficiently and effectively. If you pay online, it is important that all data entered is correct in order to ensure that the order arrives without delay. The data entered will be handled confidentially, as we do not share any customer’s data with any third party but keep customer data on a secure network. The use of the site is limited to people who meet TimeStock’s terms and who have a credit card, payment card or any other valid card, and authorize TimeStock to withdraw the total value of the price of the product or products purchased- With the help of a third party – about your account and the adequacy of your balance you acknowledge that you will not impersonate anyone else or use an unreal name or any name that you do not have the right to use.It could be used TimeStock website provides information to conduct appropriate anti-fraud investigations, and the relevant agency may keep a record of this information.

We reserve the right to prevent multiple shipments of certain products to any customer or mailing address.

If your personal information changes, please let us know by contacting our customer service center TimeStock reserves the right to make any adjustments to the terms of service at our own discretion and as we see fit. If you do not agree with the changes and these conditions, you should stop using this site. When you enter and/or use the site, you agree to comply with the terms of use and those that have changed. Any changes made after you have made an order will not affect the order unless we are required to make the change under the law.

Shopping on TimeStock

When you make an order through timestock, you purchase the product for the said price, which is subject to these conditions.

All orders are subject to approval and the product provides local and international agents.

Pricing policy

TimeStock is committed to all currencies priced in pieces unless something is clearly wrong.

Customs duties and taxes please note that there may be customs duties and taxes according to your country. All those potential expenses are on the client’s responsibility. When you apply for any of these expenses, your shipping company will contact you to pay those expenses before sending your order.

Product prices are determined at the beginning of each season, prices may change at any time due to a decrease or change in prices from suppliers or vendors. These price changes may apply at any time during the day and may be a rise or decrease in prices. These changes may be permanent or temporary and any price change is at TimeStock’s discretion and in accordance with the pricing terms agreed upon by suppliers and sellers


Time Stock offers a variety of payment methods including payment upon receipt, payment by credit card, payment by debit card, payment through paypal payment account by issuing an invoice link through which to pay for up to five days from the date of the invoice (non-payment link payment in the specified period cancels the application) and if the payment fails three consecutive times and accepted for the fourth time please inform us and communicate with us about and explain this. Without the slightest responsibility on Time Stock.


If the product does not impress the customer, it can return the product and request a replacement or refund within 3 days of receipt.


For more details on replacement or refund, please read the replacement and refund policy

Transfer of ownership and risk

TimeStock retains the legal ownership of the product until it is fully paid for and received. The legal ownership of the product will return to Timestock immediately if it is revalued to you.

Product risks will be passed on to you on delivery.